Gifted Educaton

Discovery Academy Gifted Program
It is our goal to work as a team to help each student reach their highest level of social, emotional, and academic success. We plan our instruction to foster the gifted characteristics our students possess in order for them to reach their full potential.

Gifted Eligibility Process
In order to qualify for the gifted program, students must be nominated by a parent or teacher. Once the appropriate paperwork is completed, the child is screened by the gifted teacher using the KBIT (Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test). Any student who scores in the 90th percentile or higher is then referred for an IQ test administered by the school psychologist. If a student possesses an IQ score of 130 or above they are then eligible for gifted services.


Full-Time Gifted Classes
Gifted services can be provided in different ways. This includes pull out services as well as full-time gifted services. In our pull out program, students are pulled twice a week for a total of 2 to 4 hours per week. Every year, we have a different theme that lessons and activities are planned around to facilitate the in-depth understanding of select topics. Our theme this year is the Amazon Rainforest and our students love it! Additionally, students engage in activities such as hands-on science demonstrations as well as participating in the bi-annual Noetic Math Contest.


We also offer a full-time gifted-accelerated class. Currently, we have a first grade accelerated class. Next year we will offer both a full time accelerated first and second-grade class. Accelerated classes are geared towards students that move through traditional curriculum faster than their same age peers. It means matching the complexity of the curriculum with the readiness and motivation of the student. Students in the accelerated classes get hands-on learning using robotics and software programming with LEGO WeDo.
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